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Assessing your metabolic status

As we age, our bodies undergo significant changes, including a decline in metabolic efficiency, which is primarily due to hormonal and peptide loss. The reduction of the synthesis of these important messengers varies greatly from person to person. Metabolic inflexibility and decreased cellular function are two of the key factors that contribute to aging-related diseases. This is why it is essential to assess the metabolic status of a person to ensure that their body is functioning at an optimal level. Without proper metabolic function, our cells are unable to efficiently convert nutrients into energy, leading to a buildup of toxic byproducts that can damage our organs and lead to disease. By monitoring and improving our metabolic health, we can slow the aging process and reduce the risk of age-related illnesses. At Alluring Age, we will assess your metabolic status before we start any type of therapy.


The main tools we use to evaluate your metabolic flexibility are as follows:

  1. Blood work
  2. InBody 570 scan
  3. PNOE breath analyzer
  4. Genetic Testing
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Blood work

At Alluring Age, we obtain blood work that is crucial for assessing your metabolic status and maintaining your overall well-being. By analyzing the levels of various substances in your blood, we can determine the metabolic rate of your cells and identify any potential health issues early on. Elevated blood sugar levels may indicate a higher risk of developing diabetes, while high cholesterol levels could put you at risk for heart disease; increased C reactive protein may indicate an inflammatory response due to upregulation of your immune system. Once treatment has commenced, blood work may be repeated periodically to monitor the effectiveness of specific treatments and medications. At Alluring Age, we prioritize your overall health and well-being by having regular check-ups and making adjustments to therapy when necessary.

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InBody 570 scan

The inBody 570 stands out as a powerful body composition analyzer that boasts the ability to measure and analyze body fat, visceral fat (highly inflammatory fat), muscle mass, and other key metrics with utmost accuracy and dependability. In addition, the device can help understand how significant is your metabolic inflexibility, providing reliable data on a person's physical health. Thanks to its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, the inBody 570 enables the creation of personalized fitness plans, progress tracking, and monitoring changes over time, making it an essential tool for anyone who wants to take their health and well-being to the next level. At Alluring Age, an inBody 570 scan will be performed at the onset of therapy and will also be utilized over time as a measure of the efficacy of therapeutic interventions.

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PNOE analyzer

The PNOE analyzer is a powerful tool that can be used to assess metabolic function in individuals. It provides a detailed evaluation of an individual's metabolic rate and can help identify any underlying issues that may be causing problems with energy production and utilization problems. The analyzer works by measuring the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide that an individual inhales and exhales during a period of rest and exercise. The test is performed during Zone 1 (rest) thru Zone 4 (near maximal heart rate). This information is then used to calculate a number of key metrics, including resting metabolic rate and respiratory exchange ratio at different heart rates.
The PNOE analyzer is commonly used to assess metabolic function in athletes, as it can help identify any potential energy production issues that may be limiting performance. It can also be used to evaluate the impact of different training programs and dietary interventions on metabolic function. In addition, the PNOE analyzer may be used to assess metabolic processes in individuals with a variety of health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.
At Alluring Age, we utilize a PNOE analyzer as part of a comprehensive metabolic evaluation that will help tailor the therapeutic interventions to each patient's needs.

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Genetic Testing

Nutrigenomics is a rapidly evolving science branch investigating the complex interplay between dietary nutrients and gene expression. It explores how genetic variations can affect an individual's response to different nutrients and how this information can be used to optimize health and prevent disease. By analyzing genetic markers, nutrigenomics testing provides valuable insights for nutritionists and dieticians to help patients make informed decisions about their diet and lifestyle. In addition, this information can be used to design personalized nutrition plans that consider an individual's unique genetic makeup and dietary needs.
Genetic testing is a simple and painless process that involves collecting a small sample of DNA from the client. This sample is then analyzed using state-of-the-art technology to identify genetic variations that may impact the client's health and well-being. Once the results are available, our team of experienced nutritionists and dieticians will work with the client to develop a personalized nutrition plan that takes into account their unique genetic makeup and dietary needs. Minor changes to diet and lifestyle can significantly impact overall health and well-being.
At Alluring Age, we recognize the importance of nutrigenomics testing in promoting optimal health and well-being. We have partnered with GX Sciences to provide comprehensive nutrigenomics testing services. Our panel includes testing 114 genes. The testing is designed to provide a detailed analysis of an individual's genetic makeup, including variations that may impact their response to different nutrients. With this information, we can make informed recommendations for lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, and more, helping our clients achieve their health goals and prevent or treat conditions that traditional medicine may not address.

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