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Nutrigenomics: How Your Genetics Could Change the Way You Eat

With the rise of chronic diseases worldwide, many people are looking for a new solution to improve their health. While diet, exercise, and an overall healthy lifestyle lead the way, a type of genetic testing called nutrigenomics may also play a future role.


The human body contains over 20,000 genes. These genes within your DNA contain all the instructions your body needs to function. But what happens when you have genetic factors that may cause those functions to be performed incorrectly? According to the National Library of Medicine, common genetic polymorphisms (aka mutations) can occur in up to 40-50% of the population; therefore the latter becomes highly a relevant question.


Our comprehensive nutrigenomic DNA testing uses over 100 genetic markers in 9 foundational wellness areas to unveil insights into your unique genetic code. Test results
are processed by our platform then organized into a regimen having four actionable phases with each phase being centered around three wellness topics. Regimens will
provide both precision guidance on nutritional supplements as well as lifestyle guidance for each topic. Any genetic mutations that impact how effectively one’s system nutritionally functions will be brought to light through this testing and addressed throughout the four phases.

  • Provides Personalized Guidance – Nutrigenomics DNA testing can provide insights into an individual’s DNA makeup and how it may influence their response to different nutrients. Your wellness provider can use this information to create a personalized wellness program tailored to your specific genetic profile, helping you optimize your well-being.
  • Build A Foundation for Success – Nutrigenomics DNA test results provide a wealth of information on your genetic strengths and limitations. As you incorporate recommendations from your genetic results, you increase your body’s bandwidth to handle the many challenges life brings. Additionally, taking time to focus on your core genetic wellness will often help you achieve your wellness goals faster.
  • Attain Clear Actionable Resources – Every test comes with clear guidance on specific actions you can take to help give your body additional support based on your unique genetic results. Our physician-designed recommendation system provides guidance on nutritional supplements, health, and lifestyle choices specific to each genetic topic to help achieve your optimal wellness potential.

Our genetic test focuses on nutrigenomics-the scientific field that explores the interplay between our genes and nutrition. By focusing on nutrigenomics, we can provide insight into your genetic code that can help you make informed choices in regard to diet, lifestyle, and nutritional supplements.

Identify Your Specific

Nutritional Needs Assessing nutrigenomics genes can help you build a foundation for optimal wellness by identifying genetic variations that make it difficult for one’s body to process specific nutrients. This information can help you recognize how supplements with bioactive forms of nutrients may provide greater benefits for your unique needs. Depending on genetic results, some individuals may also benefit from increasing their daily intake of a particular nutrient or combination of nutrients.

Understand How to Optimize Body Processes

Some genetic limitations may impact a specific body process. If you think of a gene like a recipe in a cookbook, a nutrigenomics genetic test can help you identify which ingredients (nutrients) are needed to complete the recipe. For those who possess a genetic variation that may impact a body process, a genetic test can provide insight into which nutrients provide the raw ingredients needed to complete specific body processes.

Discover the Relationship

Between Daily Life and Genetic Expression Diet & and nutrition, stress, exercise, sleep, and other lifestyle factors are some of the outside forces that can impact how our genes function. Understanding your unique genetic results can help you and your wellness provider to develop precision wellness plans tailored to your unique life.

While our gene sequence stays the same throughout our life, there are many positive changes we can make to help improve our genetic function. Test results include lifestyle changes that assist with genetic concerns.

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